Welcome to Senzon Wellness and Network Family Chiropractic in Asheville, North Carolina

where we believe that the natural state of all living things is EASE! Each of us is capable of finding our way back from physical, chemical, and emotional overloads to our natural state. This journey is called healing.

Healing is what we are all here for, and the purpose of this office is to assist you in your process by removing interference in your nervous system with gentle, honoring chiropractic adjustments.

Healthy Spines

Healthy people have spines that are softer, more supple, and have more breath than people who are experiencing more dis-ease.


With precise adjustments, it is possible to restore this softness and breath to persons of any age or condition. All bodies naturally return to a state of more ease when the blockages are removed.

Reduced Stress

No matter what else we do for ourselves (diet, exercises, meditation, etc.), our body and mind can function more effectively when there is less distortion and less tension in our spines. There is no substitute for the chiropractic adjustment.

Healthier Choices

We wish to empower everyone to make healthier choices in their lives. We value honesty, creativity, and have tremendous trust in the strength and wisdom of the human spirit. We believe miracles are supposed to happen.